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Enjoy the Site, But…

…I haven’t tied any flies for resale for quite a while.  I own and operate a busy guitar repair business, as well as a busy guitar shop here in Red Wing, MN.  You can see what I’m doing now over

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Tricos on 5x, and A Word About Hooks

“Back in the day”, I used to fish the trico spinner fall A LOT.  I still remember the wonder and frustration of fishing my first major spinner fall on the South Branch of the Root River down in Fillmore county. 

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Splat Beetle Wins the Evening…Slurpster a Close Second

With reports coming in of the water clearing on one of my favorite Pierce County, Wisconsin streams, I figured I better get out while I had the chance.  The weather is so unpredictable these days, you never know if the

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Hay Creek & the Hendricksons

Heavy rain that turned our local streams into chocolate milk had kept me off the water for several days.  The last time I’d been out, the river was clear and the fish were there, but the hatch activity was sporadic

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May 18, 2014 Fishing Report

Sunday afternoon found me dozing on the couch after an eventful weekend camping trip. Sunday evening found me itching to cast a fly onto one of my favorite local trout streams. So, I went. I was on the water by

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Coming Soon To a Stream Near You (if you live in The Driftless…)

March has slipped away and April is just a couple days away.  Snow will (hopefully) make way for rain, and the creeks will rise and fall.  The stream banks and sunny hillsides will turn green and spring will be upon

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Fishing Report…The Trout Are Biting!

I was recently out on one of my favorite streams in Pierce County with one of my favorite fishing partners…who is also in Pierce County.  We hadn’t fished together for months, and were both very happy to be out enjoying

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June, 2014