Bent-Head Streamer

Bent-Head Streamer

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This fly was born out of a love of streamer fishing and a great dislike for chucking heavily weighted flies.  If you look closely at the fly, you can see that the head angles down at a relatively extreme degree.  This causes the fly to dive as you strip it in.  While it doesn’t dive very deep, it is enough to keep it below the surface a few inches on a fast retrieve.  Once the fly gets wet, it is almost neutrally buoyant…it doesn’t sink very fast.  This can be an advantage in many situations.

Because the fly is not weighted, it is easy to cast with a standard 4wt trout rod.  This fly has been a favorite of mine for well over 10 years and I’ve caught many trout on it.

The Bent-Head Streamer only comes in one size.  Total length of the fly is around 2 1/2″.

There are 3 color choices:  Black, Cream & Yellow/Olive.  Cream is by far my favorite color.

Remember to specify color when ordering.

Price: $6 per fly


June, 2014