Mini Bent-Head Streamer

Mini Bent-Head

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When I showed my friend Rob the Bent-Head streamer, he went and tied it a different way…and it worked!  I had experimented with smaller Bent-Heads using a deer hair head, but they didn’t swim/dive like the standard version.  Rob’s flies- utilizing a wool head- still would dive, but also had a little faster sink rate when left to drift.  Thus, the Mini Bent-Head was born.  This fly only comes in one size and is about 1 7/8″ long, and a lot less bulky than the standard size.  It’s great for working through shallow riffles and along bank side structure.  I catch a lot of fish on this very early in the season, when the water temps are low and fish are sluggish.

The Mini Bent-head is available in 3 colors: cream, black and olive/yellow.

Remember to specify color when ordering.

Price: $5.00 each

June, 2014