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The Slurpster.  What can I say?  It is my favorite fly.  It’s big…tied on a size 8 Aberdeen style hook (Daiichi 2461).   The Slurpster rides low in the water, but never sinks thanks to its foam body and generous deer hair wing.  It takes quite a beating, too!  I have old Slurpsters in my box with missing legs and chewed up foam bodies that just keep catching fish.

I named this fly the Slurpster because of the way fish usually take it.  Trout typically rise slowly and deliberately to look at this fly…and then they just slurp it in!  It’s fascinating to watch…even when they reject it.  Trout will swim a long distance to take this fly, so give it a nice long drift.  And when a fish takes, don’t set the hook too fast.

The Slurpster only comes in one size: 8.  Three colors are available…all with a natural deer hair wing:  Black, Olive, and Tan.  The tan version comes with white legs ala the venerable Madame X.

Remember to specify color when ordering

Price: $3.50 each

June, 2014