UV Parachute

Gray & "Kinni Sulfur" UV Parachute Flies

Gray & “Kinni Sulfur” UV Parachute Flies

In Stock: Gray (all sizes); Kinni Sulfur (size 16)

Another fly that I’ve been tying and fishing for well over a decade.  A very basic parachute dry fly with a couple of key ingredients that make it work in many situations.  The wing is turkey “flat”.  This feather is great as a wing post.  It is very durable & visible.  It’s not too stiff, and yet it stays upright and doesn’t mash into a ball like some synthetic materials. For 2014, I’ve changed the body materials on this fly.  I am now using Spirit River’s new UV2 Fine & Dry dubbing.  This material has the benefits of being a UV reflective material, but ties a nicer body than the UV Ice Dub that I used to use.  This should make for a more durable, yet equally effective fly.  Tied on a Daiichi 1130 hook.

The UV Parachute comes in a variety of colors & sizes depending on the season.  Gray in sizes 12-18 are available all the time.

Remember to specify color & size when ordering.

Price: $2.25 each

June, 2014