UV Scud

UV Scud

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Scuds are ubiquitous in Driftless Region rivers and streams.  They come in many sizes and shades of color.  I’ve fished several different sizes and colors over the years, and have come to the conclusion that a size 12 in “pink” or “gray” works pretty much all the time.  These are tied with a proprietary dubbing blend that contains UV enhanced materials.  Read about the affects of UV here.

Our UV scud is weighted with .015 diameter lead wire, so the fly is weighted, but not too heavily.  This makes for a more versatile fly.  Tied on a Daiichi 1120 scud hook.  This fly comes in one size 12, and two colors:  “pink” and “gray”.  Remember to specify when ordering!

Price: $2.25 each

June, 2014